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Camp Mixtape

Music Technology Camp for Kids

A Modern

Students at Camp Mixtape

create a music project

through a carefully

crafted program. 

CMT Blue Logo XPO 3.png
CMT Blue Logo XPO 3.png

Students will have hands-on opportunities to connect with     technology, play musical instruments and record projects.

Students will be guided through the creative and technical process of

music production. 

Students will gain practical modern skills in a collaborative and safe environment.  Students’ curiosities will be captivated through carefully     planned daily programs, talks and lab activities. 

Students will utilize accessible and innovative learning techniques culminating in a final audio visual mixtape. Activities include sound hikes, beatmaking, field recording,     voice processing, tactile sound control and more.

Camp Highlights

Lab Activities

Team Building

Sound Recording

Music Production

Technology Skills

Safe Environment

Audio Visual Mixtape

CMT Blue Logo XPO 3.png
CMT Blue Logo XPO 3.png
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